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About Monacoin


Monacoin(MONA) is Japan's first cryptocurrency and was created in 2014 by Mr. Watanabe. Like Bitcoin and Litecoin, the currency is based on Peer-To-Peer technology and the coin itself is derived heavily from Litecoin. Monacoin was one of the first coins to implement Segwit and the Lightning Network, which allows for more transactions to be processed in a shorter amount of time. The current mining algorithm is Lyra2REv2 and was implemented to prevent ASICs from having a dominant presence in mining and to encourage more users to join in mining.

Perhaps due to the Japanese government's rather lax stance towards cryptocurrencies and an enthusiastic community, Monacoin has recently enjoyed an increase in popularity and use. Although usage is still limited, in Japan, Monacoin can be used in restaurants, shops, and online shops. These include the PC shop - Ark, Belgian restaurant - St. Arnould, and the online market – Monappy.

Monacoin’s name is derived from an online ASCII Art character known as "Omaemona" or "Mona".

Basic Info

Block Height: 3383031Block
Network Hashrate: 41294.01GH/s
Difficulty: 943276.0706683951
Monacoins to be in circulation: 105120000MONA
Mining Algorithm: Lyra2REv2
Block Reward: 6.25MONA
Average Block Time: 90 Seconds
Average MONA mined in a day: 6000MONA
Average MONA mined in a day (USD) $1739.75

Basic info update:2024-07-12-21:54

Exchange info update:2024-07-12 21:59:02

Monacoins in Circulation

9.341389987116791E7 MONA

of Total

Volume in last 24 hours

22188 MONA


Block Reward Halving Time Countdown

Block Reward Halving Time ETA: 2026/11/15 22:13:21
Block Height: 3383031
Blocks to go: 821769Blocks
Block Reward Halving Time Frequency: Every 4204800 Blocks
Past Block Reward Halving Time 1: 2017/07/16 23:41:34
Past Block Reward Halving Time 2: 2020/09/09 04:36:58
Past Block Reward Halving Time 3: 2023/11/04 07:55:17

Last Update:2024-07-12-21:54

All times in JST

Miner Ratio (1000 Blocks ~#)

Pool Address Amount Mined

Volume (Last 24 hours)


1 MONA = 46.1JPY

1 MONA = 2.2E-5BTC

1 MONA = 0.28995807525632USD*

MONA/JPY Volume = 21362.0048

MONA/BTC Volume = 0

Website: https://bitbank.cc/


1 MONA = 0JPY**


1 MONA = 0USD*

MONA/BTC Volume = 0

Website: https://bittrex.com/

*FX Rates by fixer.io, **Calculated with BTC/JPY rate at bitbank, Zaif

MONA/JPY (Past 48 hours)

Mining Pool List

ASIC Pool https://asicpool.info/
LA Monacoin Pool https://lapool.me/monacoin/
VIP Pool https://vippool.net/
Onsui Pool https://onsui-monacoin.xyz/
Suprnova's Monacoin Pool https://mona.suprnova.cc/index.php

Links (Most are in Japanese)

Topic on AskMona: http://askmona.org/5751

Monacoin Project - Official Wallet: https://monacoin.org/

Electrum Mona - Lightweight Wallet for Monacoin: https://electrum-mona.org/

Blockchain Explorer: http://mona.insight.monaco-ex.org/insight/

Github Page of Monacoin Project: https://github.com/monacoinproject/monacoin

AskMona - A Forum for the Monacoin Community: http://askmona.org/


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